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Rabu, 9 Julai 2008

Don't Hope For The Perfect Gonverment!

Assalamualaikum to the all of the reader of Pemerhati Dunia Blog. This is my first english article. So, I hope there won't be a complaint about any mistake in this article. Today, I would like to touch about the 'perfection' that the Malaysian People dreaming about. They alwas atacking gonverment or not gonverment, because they always hope for the perfect.

So, for this reason, I write this article and I hope, after read this article, there aren't have anyone who still shout their 'heart voice' and crictic about the weaken that they see, but not for the advantage the has been put in front of their eye.

If you all read the history, there won't be any perfection leader has been exist, althought Prophet Muhammad because we are human, cannot run for a mistake, but we can 'repair' back the mistake.

P.S: Corupption, a liar and others is always been happen ini any gonverment in the world.

*Ini adalah artile yang ditulis oleh pelajar yang baru berumur 15 tahun. Jadi mungkin ada banyak kesalahan.

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Diana berkata...

A bit of spelling mistake.
Don't want to comment and please don't involve Prophet Muhammad in any writing of yours.